Hire a Hacker Review - Scams & Shams

Hire a Hacker Review - Some things to consder before you fork out money on some Nigerian or Indian dirt farming scammer.

Hire a Hacker

12/12/20220 min read

Hire a Hacker Review - Scams & Shams

Just how does one go about hiring a hacker anyway?

Does anyone really know how to hack anymore?

Where do hackers actually come from?

Where do hackers learn to become great?

Are there really competitors out there?

These are real questions people are asking, and there are some answers. Read this before you make any decisions.

Hiring a hacker is fairly easy if you know what you are looking for. White hats can be found on Fiverr. There is a huge selection of white hats you can use to your advantage and most of them are fairly cheap. If you are looking for something a little more serious, you can find black hats at Hire a Hacker Pro.

Hire a Hacker Pro is the largest by far of any of the Black Hat services and definitely packs a punch if you’re trying to spend some money.Hacking is like being a doctor. It’s something people do forever. It’s addictive because there are challenges everyday that need to be resolved and real hackers have a need to figure stuff out. The best hackers come from The US, Russia, and China. You can see where most of the daily global attacks are coming from here. Hackers are constantly revising, revisiting and reviewing information. In order to stay relevant, hackers must be on point and on top of their game.

The competition isn’t all that fierce. There are very few people in the world that can actually hack anything. Most “hackers” are post apocalyptic cyber security grunts. They scan, and analyze after the fact. Very few can actually see an attack coming on.

Black hat hackers make up for 0.001 percent of the population, and some earn more than anyone on any payscale. Cyber crime accounts for $10.5 trillion USD annually and that number is growing every day. It’s the most profitable industry by far, and all the industries combined don’t amount to what black hat hackers reap each year. That being said, when you’re looking for a hacker and they are desperate to get your few hundred dollars for an instagram gig, think about why. They’re not hackers.

Be sure to check FakeHackers.com and see a list of all the scammers that are popping up everyday!

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