Hire a Hacker Scammers Are Born and Bred in India, Nigeria & Asia

If you want toknow the truth, read how Nigerians and Indians lead the way in 2-bit hustles and scams. #hireahacker


9/15/20232 min read

Hire a Hacker Pro: A Scammer is Born Every Minute in India, Nigeria. And Asia

First off, AI did not write this. Scammers are using AI to write stories and post them on social media. We often use AI to create content because it's Just easier, but sometimes it doesn't quite get our point across, so I write the stories myself.

95% of the hackers you see online are fraudulent. Look out for these things:

Cheap Prices.

Willingness to drop their prices immediately to appease your budget.

A free email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Proton.

Comments on other peoples stories about how great someone they know provided service, or received it. It's mostly crap.

Poor grammar. Mostly all of these scammers are from third world countries and can barely spell, let alone speak in English.

They call you and pressure you, giving you attitude about how little time you will have to make a decision.

They have a US number, but it's from some poke town or they have no idea where it is. They will reference themselves as being in the US or America, as opposed to simply being from Orlando, Phoenix, etc.

These are just some of the things to look out for.

I will be the first to admit, I have no patience for people these days. The hustle is real, and my game is pretty strong. I spent half my life in sales, and later morphed into cybersecurity. I have heard and seen everything, and unfortunately, the people who bug me the most are the beggars. They provide an entire short story about how life mistreats them, then ask for free service. Or, the ones who ask me a hundred questions, I answer all of them, then say, (just like this) "how do I know you are not a scammer?". These people are better off not even communicating with me, it will just end in disappointment for them.

We don't use AI to answer questions. I personally hate the idea, and it's a great way to lose big accounts. Good customers need to be treated well, not handed off to an autoresponder.

Well, I hope this helped. If you need something let me know. Call me directly @ +1-480-400-4600 or tonycapo.net