How to Catch a Cheating Partner For Free.

How to catch a cheater on your own, and pay nothing to hire a hacker!

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4/21/20221 min read

The problems are getting worse, not better. We can barely keep up with the demand of clients calling to find out if their partner is being unfaithful. Obviously, the cost to hunt them is nothing to shake a stick at. Here is a great way to find out exactly how sneaky your partner is without having to call anyone to help you. Google has a GPS function built into it’s email service. This helps it collect data on the type of activity its users partake in, and basically follows them around, all day, every day. So to track your partner, simply have them log into an account you can both use.

For example, >

Go into the setting and turn on GPS for this account. That’s it! The other user most times won’t suspect you have this in mind and will just expect emails to come through, not knowing they are being tracked. You can also set Google to save every bit of media that passes the screen. You will be able to see it on your device as well. This is a simple hack to see exactly what has been going down. And there is nothing to download.A good way to have them log in is maybe ask them to help you screen emails on a new business you have.

Cheaters love to help.Some people want revenge. We specialize in the subject, on many levels.

It is important to never make decisions when angry or frustrated.

Do not take revenge into your own hands, it could land you in court, or even jail.

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