The Hacker Scam Game is Getting Weaker Everyday, And It's Kind Of Sad

The hacker scam game is getting weaker every day, and it's kind of sad. Learn how to protect yourself from these scams and why it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest security measures. Stay safe online.

Tony Capo

3/15/20232 min read

The Hacker Scam Game Has Gotten Weak, And It’s Depressing

What is with these scammers anyway? I have a hunch. Overpopulated world, lack of viable solutions to citizens, lack of educational programs to young people, corruption in government.

Now that we know why people cannot effectively open and run their own businesses as opposed to trying to scam others for their money, let’s try to find out how these people even make money at all.

A lot of scammers can barely spell or speak English. The scams are all the same since they are mostly uneducated and teach each other what scams are working at the moment. This is why the stories are all the same. They try to offer legitimate services like web design, or promotions but it’s all just a ploy to get a little money. These guys will take whatever you give them and it’s sad really. 

Fake Hackers website keeps them on front street to help consumers from losing their money too quickly when hiring a hacker online. The problem is, most consumers are so easily tricked by smoke and mirrors, that they end up losing their money anyway. 

Scammers are even contacting legitimate hacker services like Hire a Hacker Pro to try to get the work done for the little money they collected, but it’s just not enough. They will try to offer pennies on the dollar later on, for work done today, then accuse real hackers of scamming when they refuse the offer. Most of the scammers come from India, Africa or Arab countries. 

Be safe everyone! 

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