Tony Capo: The Race To Take Down Kim Jong Un’s North Korea

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is on Borrowed Time.

Tony Capo

7/29/2022 1 min read

Tony Capo: The Race To Take Down Kim Jong Un’s North KoreaThe race to take down North Korea seems to be a stagnant one, since there are severe conflicts that breed deep into the communist network.

The US. Government is offering rewards up to $10 Million USD to anyone who can positively identify North Korean hackers. This is a great idea but there just aren’t enough BlackHats out there who are willing to come into the light. The government often trickbags people into giving up data and rarely pays up the reward without compromise. Moreover, Kim Jong Un is worth a lot more than $10 Million USD to blackhats hunting him and his loot. Actually, taking down Kim Jong Un and his batch of magoos would be worth billions.

Watching all of his hackers lose their shit when their crypto accounts are emptied, makes more sense. The question is, who is ready to move on them? We are, have been, and will be until his regime is toppled.

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